Smart Phone Apps for Mental Health

With technology being so ubiquitous today, there are a multitude of ways we can use it to help us improve our mental health. There are so many applications we can download on smart phones to help us track moods, create safety plans, what coping skills are available, and many other things.

These are 4 mental health apps that I currently use. They have all been very helpful for me. Does anyone else use any others? What are they? How do you like them? Comment below and let me know!

*WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) – Created by Mary Ellen Copeland, this allows you to create a safety plan for when you are in a crisis as well as what to do after the crisis is over. “The WRAP APP, with all the parts of WRAP, also includes sections on Values and Ethics and Key Recovery Concepts. It will make it convenient to always have your WRAP Plan with you. You can add to your plan whenever you want. Email a page, or the whole plan, to yourself or your supporters.” (from the WRAP website).
It is available on the iPhone and Android for $4.99

*WhatsMyM3 – This is a list of questions that gives you a mental health score based on your answers. The results can help you see how you are doing over time as they are saved over time. None of the results are an official diagnosis though. The higher the score, the more likely you need to get an evaluation from a psychiatric professional or call your current one for help.
It is available on both the iPhone and Android for free.

*SAMApp (Self-Help Anxiety Management) – Allows you to track your anxiety levels. It also has coping skills you can use to reduce anxiety as well as a message board to talk with others. There is information you can read about anxiety on the app as well.
It is available on the iPhone and Android for free.

*T2 Mood Tracker – This has a range of mood scales and you can add in your own so you can track your moods over time. There is a report generator so that you can share the report with your doctor. You can also back up any data you have so that you do not have to begin all over again if you need to replace your phone.
It is available on both the iPhone and Android for free.

2 thoughts on “Smart Phone Apps for Mental Health”

  1. Yes with technology being used more and more with the youth apps might me more relatable. The plus side of the app is also that it is also available for them to reference if they need to look at anything in there plan and they can email it to anyone (therapist, doc, parent, themselves, etc) or print it out.


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