It is so hard to be mindful. I struggle with staying in the moment all the time. This sums up exactly why we should be mindful though! Excellent reminder!

College on Crutches

Mindfulness. The word alone makes me cringe a bit inside after the absurd amount of times I’ve heard it in various hospitals and treatment centers. Ick. I have flashbacks to the oddly-colored sign in the psych ward dining room, promoting mindfulness and peace. The word brings up memories of sitting in a hospital meeting room with a bunch of other pain patients, discussing ways to take our focus off of the pain. I never thought I’d actually practice this skill, but now I am realizing that I have been practicing mindfulness without even realizing it.

So what is this crazy concept? Being mindful…of what? Well, the way I understand it, mindfulness means living in the moment. It means focusing on the present rather than what has happened or what will happen in the future. It’s about becoming aware of your thoughts but not letting them get to you. Mindfulness…

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