Schizophrenia Simulator (Hearing Voices/Psychosis)

Want to see what schizophrenia is like?  Here is a schizophrenia simulator.  You need to wear headphones to get the full effect though, otherwise it wont work. 



Hearing voices can happen when anyone goes into psychosis, not just with schizophrenia.  This can happen when someone has schizoaffective disorder.  When someone has a psychotic episode with bipolar or even severe depression.  Post partum psychosis can also occur.  It can also be triggered from PTSD and severe stress.


Hear is a video of Anderson Cooper trying a schizophrenia simulation.

5 thoughts on “Schizophrenia Simulator (Hearing Voices/Psychosis)”

  1. We did this at work to help in understanding schizophrenic clients. I volunteered to be the “proctor” of a test and I had to sound annoyed and condescending with the test participants who were doing the schizophrenic simulation. They couldn’t concentrate at all on the test because of the voices and then hearing me rush them. It was an eye opening experience.


  2. Yeah I think everyone should have to go through something like this just to have an understanding. It is really eye opening! I have had auditory hallucinations but never to that extent so even for me it was eye opening!


  3. Reblogged this on Sea of One and commented:
    I briefly dated a guy who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. This simulator explains so much about his erratic behavior. His eyes were always shifty. It would take him forever to finish a story because he kept pausing every few words to gather his thoughts and his behavior was always unpredictable and twitchy. If I had this going on in my head all day I would behave the same way. Thanks for sharing!


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