Facing the Storm

In Tampa, during the summer, it rains a lot! There are storms almost everyday, or at least that is how it has been this year. Even in the rain, summer is beautiful and I learn a lot through it. 


In my life, I feel like I get rained on a lot too. I feel like my life is a storm. There are ups and downs, and a lot of the time, I feel like it is mainly downs, it feels like it is raining and raining and raining and the thunder and lightening roar down around me.  The sun doesn’t seem to be up at all. 

This bird though, he just stands tall in the rain!  He stands out there and faces it!  Jumping from car to car, playing in it, basking in the rain!  He doesn’t hide from it.  He doesn’t run away from it.  It doesn’t hurt him.  Sure, when we have problems in our life, it may be hard, and it may hurt, but we can still stand tall going through them.  We don’t have to run away.  Just like this bird, we can go out into the storm, we can stand in that rain, we can face it. 

When I saw this bird, I was walking out to go to my NAMI meeting.  I wasn’t having the best day, I was going through a “storm.”  But I saw this bird on top of my car, then he jumped to the car next to mine.  He just freely exposed himself to the elements.  I needed to be like that.  I needed to push myself to do that – to be stronger, to not curl up into a ball.  I know I am strong, I just need to come out of that curled up ball and show my strength to myself. 


8 thoughts on “Facing the Storm”

  1. I also think you have to show yourself your strength especially when some days are more challenging. THanks for the reminder. I am having a challenging day myself but am sticking to my routines and finding my strength through my routines.


  2. Hey Marie, Nice to read you! Hang in there…. The storms pass, the rain stops and the sun will come out. It just takes time and a humongous effort on our parts. But it does come!


  3. Birds certainly have inbuilt resillience to weather, evolution has seen to that. For some of us resillience is harder. Our racing thoughts taking us to places that others would not even think about.
    Good luck.


  4. It is much harder for some of us! I agree. I just try to imagine that bird in my head when I can. I can’t say it has helped yet, but imagery is supposed to be helpful, so I will continue to try!


  5. Yes, showing yourself your strength is incredibly important. Glad you are sticking to your routines and finding strength in them despite having your challenging days! Keep it up!


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