Daily Post – Ice Kacang — Who Would of Thought?


(found on http://www.foodily.com)

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Ok Ok, so I thought about this…. and  my first one wasn’t exactly well thought out- there actually was one food that I had that was absolutely completely bizarre to me.  BUT, it is a staple dessert in Malaysia!

I went to Malaysia for the month of March.   I have never been there before and it was absolutely amazing.

There is a dessert called – Ice Kacang!  Also known as ABC in some areas.

This dessert has an assortment of things in it – nothing that I would ever imagine putting in a dessert!  But everyone there seems to love it.

So the ingredients are:

  • Crushed Ice
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Brown Sugar
  • Condensed Milk
  • Canned Red Beans
  • Cream Style Sweat Corn
  • Grass Jelly Pieces
  • Attap Chee (Palm Nuts) – optional
  • ice cream – optional

Now, I would never think of eating a dessert like this.  It just seems like a weird combination to put together.  Corn with shaved ice?  Red Beans with shaved ice?  And those Jelly pieces — they looked like worms to me.  But, I guess you never know what something is going to taste like unless you try it!


(found on – http://www.photoblog.com/chanchiewsoo/2008/09/22/durian-abc.html)

So, again, I would say — never judge a book by it’s cover.

10 thoughts on “Daily Post – Ice Kacang — Who Would of Thought?”

  1. Most Asian countries have their variation on this. So good, not overly sweet and can be subtle on thr flavors!


  2. Yeah, my mom is from Malaysia and has always talked about it when I grew up, I just never experienced it til I went there. I have never seen it here in the US. I cant imagine any of my friends even dreaming of wanting to try it. When I showed them pictures and told them about it they were shocked!


  3. I love ice kacang!!! My mother introduced me to it, and from then on, I have never been able to have a snow cone without comparing it to ice kacang… 🙂


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