Daily Prompt – Don’t Judge a Book By it’s Cover

Word Press Post A Day – Bacon and chocolate, caramel and cheddar… Is there an unorthodox food pairing you really enjoy? Share with us the weirdest combo you’re willing to admit that you like — and how you discovered it.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…..we are told this over and over again growing up.

Honestly, I can’t say that I really have any weird food combinations.  I like ranch dressing on things – french-fries, to dip my pizza in sometimes.  I like pancake syrup on more than pancakes like I’m ok with it getting on my eggs or bacon.  But I don’t think that’s weird — is it?  I’ve seen others do these things anyway.

But….I had a roommate in college, she had an interesting combination.  Perhaps it isn’t weird to others, but to me, it was a brand new combination!  Caramel dip and French fries!  In the dining court, we had the caramel dip for the apples…and of course French fries — she would put the two together! I was introduced to this concept on my second week of school while eating with her and some other friends.  I tried it once, it was definitely not my cup of tea (I am not sure it was any of my friends either).   It sound similar to milk shakes and French fries I guess, which is much more common and I have tried and is much more enjoyable for me – but it is a completely difference consistency and to me definitely did not taste the same at all.

I’m not really in to trying new things, so I was pretty proud that I even forced myself in to trying this crazy concoction that my roommate had devised.  Although, I wish I would have known that this one odd thing was just a preface to a whole semester of craziness and disagreements— a semester of us not getting along, a semester of arguments – because she wanted to go to bed at 8am but be awake at 3am, she wanted to change her sheets in the middle of the nights for no reason except cleaning seemed to be better at that time, she thought loose cheerios and underwear were appropriately placed on the desk (including mine), and the playstation 2 must be angled at a specific direction with the cords not wrapped around the controllers – a semester of mediations with the RA (luckily my RA was definitely on my side), a semester of mediations with the RLM (he was less biased, blah), and finally — thank goodness! – me getting to move out of that ridiculous situation!

Odd choices don’t always lead to odd people, but sometimes, just sometimes they do!

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Don’t Judge a Book By it’s Cover”

  1. I’m making a mental note to try fries with milk shake. 😀 Never tried that combo before, largely because shakes always lead to sore throats. 😦


  2. Maybe eating the fries with the milkshake will help! The combination of the salt with it or something — just going out on a limb since I know nothing about science related to it 🙂 But you should definitely try it. If you like the fries and ice cream you would probably like it as well!


  3. I remember being super-judgy of people who ate fries with mayonnaise and then tried a chipotle dip on someone’s plate once and taking it ALL back. Just try things. They may surprise you!


  4. I actually have tried fries with mayonnaise before and it isn’t that bad! Chipotle dip is quite good too. Come to think of it, I do dip fries in a lot of weird things! I guess sweet stuff in general is not my type of thing… I got more for the spicy stuff… I don’t even really enjoy ketchup on my fries. But I really do need to branch out of my trying new things, I am quite the picky eater!!! Thanks for your comment


  5. My “weird” combos:

    Grilled cheese w/pickles & ketchup
    French fries and a Wendy’s frosty
    Cottage cheese & watermelon
    Stir fry squid & celery
    Grits w/hot sauce, bacon & cheese
    Chicken & waffles
    Peanut butter, bananas & honey

    Some of it is a “Southern” thing and some of it is due to me being Asian.


  6. Chicken and waffles I have done before… Grilled cheese and ketchup I actually really like! I haven’t done it in forever though and didn’t even think about it! I do like peanut butter and banana sandwiches—never thought to add honey! French fries and frosty are ok in my book! The rest…. I’d definitely have to probably force myself to try 🙂 It’s amazing though that when you actually try some of these “unlikely combos” they do taste pretty good! It is just the thought of it that turns you off


  7. I have done some travelling abroad, so I just take the mindset that if it smells good or looks good I try it. Once I try it then I will ask what is in it but never before.


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