Daily Post – Writer’s Block? Nope, Writing Helps me Cope

Word Press Post A Day – When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?

I just started doing these Post A Day things from Word Press – I thought it might help me expand on my topics – bring in new ideas to relate to mental health…which is what my blog is about.  For the most part, I think it has helped a bit.  I think most of them I have been able to relate to mental health/illness in some way, even if it has been a bit of a stretch at times.  Except Unlikely Pairing – that one, nope, I just couldn’t tie in.  I wrote about it anyway, just to write.

I am passionate about mental health though.  I have been affected with mental illness my whole life.  There is so much stigma associated with mental illness though.  You rarely hear about the great people that have mental illness, just the horrible stories related to it.  Everyone just gets a bad picture.

I created this blog to show my struggles, but also my triumphs over my disorders – my bipolar, my borderline personality disorder, and my PTSD.  All of which I struggle with daily.  I also overcome it everyday though.

Each day I get up, I write on here.  I write about what mental illness is, or how to cope with it,  quotes related to it, how it has affected me, how it might be affecting me that day, what I am going to do in the future to overcome a challenge that I faced because of it, suicide, sexual abuse, past traumas, therapy, etc.

I’m sure I had writers block in high school related to some silly essay my AP English teacher wanted me to write.  When it comes down to something that I am interested in though, something I am passionate about – no, I haven’t had it.  I am sure it might come eventually, but so far, it hasn’t hit me.  I hope it doesn’t because this is a topic that needs to be spoken up for and needs to be heard.

This is my coping skill.  It’s keeping me mentally healthy right now.  Or as much as it can anyway.

9 thoughts on “Daily Post – Writer’s Block? Nope, Writing Helps me Cope”

  1. I can appreciate your need to write as a form of therapy. I am in much the similar situation (writing for therapy), but sometimes I still worry that what I write isn’t profound or interesting enough.


  2. I sometimes think that too, that it isn’t some profound thought or no one else will find it interesting. And sometimes I will get on here and just check to see if anyone liked a post or see what my stats were for the day – and be disappointed. But then I think to myself, why am I doing this? Yes, I want to bring awareness, I want others to not feel alone – that is true. But I am doing it for myself too, and that is really the most important thing. I do want others to get something out of it, but most importantly I need to be getting something out of it. Which I do. It makes me think more positively, it allows me to get my thoughts out, it lets me learn about mental health if I write about something new. So even if no one else thought it was profound or interesting – at least in my mind it was!


  3. I think I will eventually get to that point. This is still all pretty new for me, so I am learning/developing as I go.


  4. Yeah, I just started in June or somewhere around there, and I was very self conscious. I think I still get worried about it sometimes, but I just have to keep reminding myself. With time it will come. It’s all a learning experience and each day we grow from what we do.


  5. Writing helps me too. It allows me to connect with others and break the silence of being alone. And the comments of my peers, my fellow mental healthers, mean so much more because they have been through either the same or similar experiences.
    Keep up the writing!!


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