When Life Gives You Lemons — No… no I won’t make lemonade

Word Press Post A Day –  When life gives you lemons… make something else. Tell us about a time you used an object or resolved a tricky situation in an unorthodox way.

I am sure that there are many times I have fixed things in an unorthodox way.  I was a very creative kid.  I went to Math, Science, Technology Magnet schools.  We were taught all sorts of critical thinking schools.  In nursing school you are taught critical thinking skills and to think outside of the box to help patients and solve problems.  I have had to come up with ways to fix all sorts of things with unconventional methods.

I hate the term, “When life gives you lemons just make lemonade” though!  No, when life gives you lemons you can’t always  just turn the situation around.  Sometimes life gives you lemons and it just sucks!  You have to just take it, know that it sucks, let yourself feel those emotions that it sucks, and acknowledge that it sucks.  You have a right to feel those thoughts and feelings and emotions.  Why do people always have to tell us to get over it, move on, just fix it?  I know we cannot wallow in it or ruminate on the problem or have pity party – of course not.  But what we feel is what we feel and we have the right to feel those emotions.  There is no reason that when something bad happens in our life that we should not be allowed to express that.  If something bad happens, let me feel like shit.  Stop telling me to just go make lemonade.  I don’t want to make lemonade.  I want to be pissed off for a while.  Once I work through those emotions then perhaps I would have squeezed through enough of those lemons with my anger and frustration that the lemonade will appear and I might have bought some sugar at the store to add to it.

Pushing the bad stuff that happens to me to the back of my mind and never dealing with it, just makes it come back 10x harder later on in life.  It builds up in me and eventually comes out as anger or resentment towards others.  So no, no I am not just going to make lemonade or something else when life gives me lemons.  Not right away anyway.  Perhaps you will get some lemonade over time, a cup at a time over a while.  But you aren’t going to be getting a jar of it all at once and I surely wont be setting up a lemonade stand making any money off of it.

6 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons — No… no I won’t make lemonade”

  1. I agree. But if your life is on the line, merely being pissed off can be a bit of a dead end (sorry about the pun), so I try to find a way to save my own life. THEN I sit obsessing with rage and frustration.

    But first? Gotta survive.


  2. Absolutely agree! When it comes to a dangerous situation – or wanting to hurt yourself or others – that is a completely different situation. I am simply referring to allowing yourself to feel emotions such as sadness, frustration, anger, etc.
    You are absolutely correct in your statement! Thanks for clarifying that – I should have clarified that in the post!


  3. I am a permanent opposer of “happy face.” It’s an insult to those with problems and a horrible imposition on anyone. Not only have they had this awful thing happen to them, but they aren’t allowed to be unhappy about it. It totally sucks.


  4. An honest confession made here so beautifully it touched the chord…..Why be in hurry to fix it? Whom we have to impress. we are humans and too loaded with emotions…..can’t empty the trash so quick.


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