There will always be someone in my life who….

There will always be someone in my life who ___________.

  • loves me.
  • dislikes me.
  • perhaps even “hates” me.
  • cares about me.
  • brings me down.
  • irritates me.
  • frustrates me.
  • makes me angry.
  • picks up the pieces.
  • makes me laugh.
  • makes me smile.
  • gives me a hug.
  • makes me cry.
  • cries with me.
  • hurts me.
  • pushes me away.
  • leaves me.
  • scares me.
  • believes in me.
  • understands me.
  • ignores me.
  • makes me a better person.
  • will stab me in the back.
  • will talk about me behind my back.
  • can find something negative to say about me.
  • will say something positive about me – and mean it – because it’s true!
  • give’s a damn about me!
  • makes me think.

—-Makes me think and realize that there will always be someone in my life who is negative and for every negative person there is a positive person.  No, not everyone hates me — as the saying goes,

“Not everyone hates you, not everyone has met you yet”

There are positive people out there.  They will life you up.  They will care for you, love you, and make you smile.

5 thoughts on “There will always be someone in my life who….”

  1. So true. Filtering the good from the bad can be difficult when dealing with mental illness. Misplaced trust and trust not given when it should be. Everything turned upside down. But life becomes tolerable and sometimes wonderful when we get things right.

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  2. So true! Trying to find the right people to surround yourself with is so important!

    I think one of the toughest things to do is critically evaluate your circle of “friends,” realize that some are enablers or triggers and then having to either get them to stop those destructive behaviors around you or simply distance yourself from them.


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