Flowers? For Me?

Word Press Post a Day – You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?

Flowers?  For me?  No one ever treats me to flowers or candy or even a nice dinner.  I live alone.  I don’t really know anyone.  Depression and social anxiety kind of stop that from happening.  So who would send me flowers?

I’ll tell you who!  Me!!!  I sent myself flowers.  Why?  Because I deserve to get something special every once in a while.  I deserve to have someone come to my door, leave a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I don’t need a note.   I wrote the note and sent it in the mail the same day, it should get here in a few days.  It will be another reminder for me.   A note that reminds me how special I am and that I need to love and take care of myself – sometimes I forget that when I am down.

We all need to remember to treasure ourselves.  We don’t need to depend on others to always give us gifts.  We should be able to give ourselves gifts.  Not necessarily flowers – but a day off, or look into the mirror and smile and see the beauty in ourselves, to be able to feel good about ourselves.  It is ok to do something nice for ourselves.  In fact, it is necessary to do something nice for ourselves.

So, I sent myself these flowers.  I sent them to remind myself of what a wonderful person I am.  Even if I have no one around me, no significant others, no friend, no one that would think to send me flowers – I still deserve them.  I deserve them for being me – for being a beautiful, on the inside and out, person.


17 thoughts on “Flowers? For Me?”

  1. I so agree! such a nice post. Our lives seem very similar 🙂 someone once told me everyone has a twin somewhere. You just might be my long distant twin.
    With respect, hope, joy and love, Carmela

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  2. I just realised that I want you to check out my post titled "This is my answer" from few days ago… Also, bunch of stuff, but this came to my mind and if you have seen it already, just ignore this. 😀

    I write a lot about positivity and I think you do too, I am glad I've find your blog.

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  3. Hey! I am not sure that I saw it, I just pulled it up and it is a great post! I am only about 4 minutes into the movie though since it is over an hour long… might have to break that up into pieces 😉

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  4. I did the same 😀
    I watched first 15 minutes wishing to just get up and do something else, but then it caught my interest. I watched about an hour then went somewhere and later on continued 🙂

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