Spike in Crisis Line Phone Calls after Robin Williams Death

Since the death of Robin Williams, there has been a spike in calls to crisis lines around the US and Australia.  I am not sure about other parts of the world, as I simply saw articles pertaining to these two countries, however I am sure they probably went up as well.

Calls, chats, messages, and clicks on their websites to Lifeline in America, Lifeline in Australia, Beyond Blue in Australia,  the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) information line and Facebook page, and local crisis centers all around the US.

Many people were reaching out, seeking help for their depression, suicidal thoughts, and some were simply wondering how people can be depressed – how can someone look happy and yet feel so much pain and kill themselves.  Perhaps with that last question, people will begin to understand depression more and even see or help someone else around them who might present happy but really be very depressed.

While they do not really know how many people were reaching out for help due to their depression and suicidal thoughts prior to Robin Williams death versus those who were affected by his death and began to feel suicidal after in response to his death (example, when you have someone close to you die, you begin to feel like you want to die) — they are glad that more people know about the crisis lines and support systems and are using them.

While I do think Robin Williams death brought a great deal of attention to suicide and mental health, I also think it is going to die down soon as it usually does even though people seem to care very much about it after such a loss.  However, hopefully after all those posts of the suicide hotline numbers – this will not die down and people will remember these resources – and use them – and reach out for help when they need to.

Here are a few articles discussing the increases in spikes in crisis center calls — and there are quite a few more if you search on the internet.

Australian News Article Discussing the increase in spikes in crisis calls

American Aljazeera Article Discussing the increase in spikes in crisis line calls

Houston, TX News Article Discussing local crisis center call increase

Augusta, Maine Article – Discussing local crisis center call increase

2 thoughts on “Spike in Crisis Line Phone Calls after Robin Williams Death”

  1. Then, it is up to all of US to keep it going! Spread awareness! If we find a new hotline or link, share it to make those suffering (myself included) aware of them. We cannot let this fall to the sidelines, and be forgotten about when the next big news story comes along. Please? Help me to help others, by continuing to post such articles? Thank you for this… this made me feel so good to read!! The hotlines are being used!! Questions are being asked!! Depressed people are finding out that they are not alone!! Awesome post!!!


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  2. Williams’ suicide has certainly raised awareness about BiPolar and depression and that he public face does not represent the inner turmoil that is taking place. And for some, as I was for decades, totally lacking the insight that they are even ill. In watching some of the later interviews with Williams, he does seem to lack the vitality that he was so well known for. The mania gone and a more sombre face.
    It’s great that people are reaching out to crisis lines but I wonder if the overload will mean that those in most desperate need will be lost in the system.
    That would be a shame.
    Also, crisis lines have their limitations and I hope that those in most need seek further help and even seek medication.

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