No One Should Be Dying From It

So much awareness is brought to mental illness when someone well known dies from it.  When suicide takes a life away – suddenly everyone is aware of what pain it causes – to that person and to those that loved them – and even to those that did not know them personally but were somehow touched by them.

There have been so many articles, news reports, and posts about Robin William’s death.  I did a post myself.  I do not think it is wrong to bring this attention – I think it is great!

My problem with it is — it starts strong — everyone cares about it.  The public published the suicide hotline number on Facebook, they post that they care and are there for anyone who needs to talk.  They talk about how stigma is wrong.  I am not saying that they are lying in any way.  I think they do believe these things.  I think that losing someone that they were genuinely touched by has affected them.  Once that grieving period dies down though, the “sensationalism” of the issue dies down too.

How many celebrities have we lost to suicides and overdoses over the years?  How many times have we had a month or two where mental health was a big issue because of this and everyone seemed to care about it, to support it?  Then suddenly – it all just went away.

Perhaps, this time it will be different.  Maybe this time, the suicide hotline numbers will stay up.  Maybe people really will take the time to listen and be there for others.  Maybe the stigma will die down.

A few celebrities we have lost over the last few years that have brought quite a bit of attention to the news were:

Philip Seymore Hoffman – drug overdose

L’Wren Scott – Hung herself

Lee Thompson Young – shot himself

Whitney Houston – drowned – with cocaine being a factor, but struggled with drugs and this brought up great discussion after her death

Amy Whinehouse – Alcohol Poisoning …. thus joining “Club 27” – a club of popular musicians who died at the age of 27 from suicide/drug overdose and homicides.

Lots of discussion occurred after these deaths … but soon after, it all just died down. These are just a few of the deaths too.  There were a lot more.  A lot more due to drug overdoses, which is a serious mental health issue today.  A lot more suicides over the years as well.   Let’s not let these stories happen and people just forget about them.  Mental illness is not something that should be in the news for a few months and forgotten.  Let’s keep it in the spotlight.  These celebrities should not be dying from it, we should not be dying from it – no one should be dying from it. 


4 thoughts on “No One Should Be Dying From It”

  1. I’m glad someone else has recognized this. I said something similar a few days ago, but put it much less eloquently and had more of a rant. Something else I mentioned is how people that have done work for depression for years will now be overshadowed by a few famous people that make a comment only because of the death of one person. But I do believe it will all be forgotten about again.


  2. I agree and I live with this everyday. Not only did my husband commit suicide, he suffered from ADHD, bipolar and depression right along with me. Now just throw in the PTSD because I tried to save him. A lot of people say they care, but they don’t really mean it. They get TIRED of you. They don’t have a clue what it’s like to live inside your head with all this shit, then throw the suicide on top. They try to say be positive, channel your energy, exercise, don’t say those things, WTF. I do try to do all these things, but if I don’t let the negative out, I’ll die too!

    Thank you!


  3. I have struggled with addiction for years and agree 100% that it only gets attention when a celebrity admits a problem or worse, dies from it. I see people wanting to save their loved ones and not knowing where to go, or worse when you are able to give them some resources, they act like it is too much work to try to get that help so they go elsewhere trying to find the answer that fits their schedule. People need to understand that these are diseases that we are dealing with on a daily basis, there is no miracle pill that will make it go away. But there are people out there that can help and I appreciate you posting this.

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