Would You Work?

Word Press Post A Day – If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

If money was out of the question, I think I would work.  Maybe not a lot, but I would work.

I’m on disability right now.  In fact I haven’t worked since 2012.  Right now, I don’t even think I could work yet.

I wish I could work though.  I wish I was able to be out there, be around people, do something with my day, be productive, feel like I was contributing to society, making a difference.

At this point, even getting out to volunteer hasn’t been possible.  So I can’t feel any of those things.

My bipolar has finally stabilized quite a bit thanks to my medication, so the highs and lows are not as bad.  My borderline personality is getting better.  My PTSD and social anxiety is out of control though at this point.  Most people would brush this off as no big deal. Surely you can still work! Those that have been there understand though, or I hope they understand.

Even if money wasn’t an issue – I got no money, not a lot of money, or a ton of money — I would love to work.  I don’t think I would work a lot.   I would work enough though.  Enough to give me a routine.  A routine if what I need.  A routine is important to my life.  It grounds me.  It actually helps me, but until I can keep commitments and not get overwhelmed and handle social situations and relationships with others and not be so depressed that I miss a ton of work or attempt suicide and end up in the hospital from the overwhelming situations or depression — until then, even if a routine from work would help me — it just wouldn’t be possible.

I am signed up with my states vocational rehab.  They would be able to work with me, set me up with a job coach and put me in a program to work with me .  They are so backed up with other people though that I am on a wait list.  They are only now getting people off the list from a year ago…..


7 thoughts on “Would You Work?”

  1. I would still work. Why? I am only of the lucky few that really enjoys what I do and the people I work with.


  2. That is great! Glad you like your job and coworkers. I don’t think that is too common anymore.

    All too often most people are in jobs they don’t like. I think with the economic downturn people have ended up in jobs they have simply had to just take. Although they may like the people they are with (or not) they are not necessarily happy with the work, so they would quit in a second if they could. At least, from what I have heard from lots of people around me!


  3. I am of two mind of this.

    I think it comes down to a question of pride and openness. Are you too proud to take a job that is “beneath” you or too proud to not work at all? Are you open to the opportunities available of closed minded about what you are willing to do?

    I actually was in a good management job and was given a 3-hour notice that it would be my last day. I went from a management slot to a “blue collar” job making 1/4 of what I was used to seeing on my paycheck. 8 years later and 4 promotions, I am still at that company and a job has become a fulfilling career.

    I was too proud to not work and had no expectations and kept an open mind about every potential opportunity.


  4. Good luck! I have never been in your shoes so I’m not sure how that feels but I am proud of you for not giving up on yourself. Deciding to try is sometimes half the battle. I will say a prayer for you 🙂

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  5. Yeah, that is a great attitude to have. Not a whole lot of people have it. But I do think it really is hard to get advancements in jobs these days too. I have friends that graduate from college in 2011 with really good degrees that couldn’t find jobs, they do work, but have yet to get promotions and if they do get raises – it is your general 25 or 50 cent raise…every 1 year or so… that is basically nothing for today…especially for someone with a Bachelors degree. They keep positive attitudes, but I understand how they can get bogged down with wishing that if they could not have to work, they wouldn’t. But…I think after a few months they would get extremely bored! I know there is a lot to do — hobbies or traveling etc … but I think at some point, it is still nice to have a routine of going to a job, being around people, and doing something – especially with those that I know.


  6. I totally relate to everything you just said. I don’t have anything diagnosed yet, but I understand about being concerned that working too much would lead to attempting suicide. I had to quit my job because it was getting to be too much.


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