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MIA today – but will Catch up tomorrow! — Anyone read Eckhart Tolle?

Hey Everyone!


I have had somewhat of a busy day, so I have had much time to look at my posts today to respond to comments ūüė¶

BUT…. I am going to get to them I promise!¬† I have scanned a few and will most definitely be replying to them!¬† I haven’t forgotten about you!¬† I just needed to focus on some of my “homework” (DBT/CBT)¬†for therapy to work through my anxiety, depression, and PTSD ¬†as well as just started to re-read a book that my case manager from 3 years ago bought me for graduation, which I never read as I was so unfocused.¬† My therapist brought it up, so I thought I would look it up.¬† It was a book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.¬† Anyone else ever read it???¬† Would love to hear what you all thing!¬† Feel free to leave some messages below about it.

It is a pretty good book – talks a lot about mindfulness.¬† There is quite a bit I don’t agree with, but it does have some decent stuff in there.¬† She gave it to me in a version on audible, so I have a hard time focusing, but I think I am halfway through.

Anyway,  I write posts ahead of time, so I think I have some coming out tomorrow that you should get to read still.  And I will try to get back to reading through some comments and being more present on here to get back to everyone!


Thanks for all the support!!! ūüôā

If I Wrote a Book…

Word Press Post A Day – A literary-minded witch gives you a choice: with a flick of the wand, you can become either an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades, or a popular paperback author whose books give pleasure to millions. Which do you choose?

I would absolutely love for people to just be obsessed with my book so much that they just study it for decades.  However,  if I wrote a book I would want it to be interesting РI would it to grab peoples attention, to let them escape the world or educate them, preferably both.

Actually I have an idea for a book, but I do not have the concentration to actually sit down and focus on it at this point.¬† If anyone has read my previous posts, my blog focuses on mental health issues for the most part — or the majority posts—- or all of my posts with the exception of basically one.

If I wrote a book, I would want¬†it to be about mental health,¬†because there is such a stigma about it.¬† I wouldn’t want it to just reach out to those that have it though.¬† I would want¬†it to educate everyone¬†– those that have it, those that done, cats, dogs, birds, fish, whoever wants to read it, bite it, scratch it, peck on it, hmm maybe fish can’t swim on it.¬†¬†It wouldn’t make fun of mental¬†illness, that is not something one should make fun of,¬†but mental illness is something that you can still have fun with.¬† There are funny things, funny stories that people can tell,¬†we are still people with funny lives because of our mental illness.¬† Combining our mental illness to educated others with the good things we have done, how¬†we overcame our challenges, showing our funny side, perhaps showing our challenges while using humor, those are the things I would want to do.

It would be a best seller Рall around the world.  Written in so many languages Рbecause lets be honest, mental illness affects everyone.  Not just poor people, not just brown haired people, or rich people, or Hispanics, or white people, or purple haired people, or people that drink Pepsi instead of Coke.  

I would love for a few people to become so obsessed the read my book for decades, and if that happens to occur with this one, that would be awesome!  But most importantly, I want my book to be enjoyed by everyone Рto educate everyone about the stigmas of mental illness Рfor people to be able to escape into humor and the lives of those that live with mental illness so they can see we are people just them.