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Live Through This: Suicide Awareness

This is a project by Dese’Rae L. Stage – about suicide awareness.  She interviews those who have attempted suicide and survived.  She talks to them, gets their stories, and photographs them.  She also has Bipolar 2 and is a survivor of suicide and self injury as well.

Per her website, her project is about:

The intention of Live Through This is to show that everyone is susceptible to depression and suicidal thoughts by sharing portraits and stories of real attempt survivors—people who look just like you. These feelings could affect your mom, your partner, or your brother, and the fear of talking about it can be a killer.

You can find her website at: Live Through This

You Belong, You are Love, Help Is Available

This is a song called “You Belong”  by Casey McPherson.  He is a singer for a band called AlphaRev.  He lost both his brother and father to suicide and he volunteers as a spokesperson with Mental Health America Texas(a branch of the national mental health organization).  He helps others who have lost loved ones to depression and suicide.