No Internet :(

Well, I am broke and so I went to change my cable/internet plan today.  When I moved here, to keep myself distracted I signed up for cable along with Internet because as a bundle it is fairly well priced.  Of course you sign a 2 year contract and the 1st year it is super cheap with all these discounts and the second year they jack up the price.  So I decided all I really need is internet. So I went to switch it. I come home, hook up my own router….ugh it is not working.  Of course since I am using my own equipment they will not troubleshoot it. They want me to pay $100 for their router.  Needless to say after 3 hours on the phone I gave up. A few hours later I decided to try their online chat. I got a friendly rep who worked to try to solve it, decided he couldn’t, and id’s sending a tech out Monday!

Soo no Internet til then. I have a few posts scheduled before then, but since I just have my phone and data plan I probably won’t be on here to respond to anything much.

I hope you all have a great weekend though!  Mine will be incredibly boring I am sure.  I am either going so sleep or perhaps force myself to leave my apartment :/

6 thoughts on “No Internet :(”

  1. I really need to downgrade my cable/internet. Actually I have cable/internet/phone cause I somehow got upsold into having a home phone. Also, routers are $30. My cable company tries to get you to rent it for $12/month which is certifiably insane.


  2. Yeah, I had cable/internet/phone and just switched to solely internet. They were trying to make me rent their router per month or buy it as well. But why when I have my own? They won’t help you if you don’t use theirs though. I don’t understand businesses anymore. Stop charging me for every little thing!


  3. Same here. I m staying in guest room and juggling with internet problems on daily basis. Hopefully things will be better once I move into a new house.Have a nice time.


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