Reflections on Celebrity Suicide and Everyday Suicide

When I first found out Robin Williams died, I literally thought – “Nooooo, if I can’t kill myself, why can he??”

Robin Williams was one of the funniest guys around.  I grew up watching so many of the movies he was in – Aladdin, Fern Gully, Robots, Happy Feet, The Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, What Dreams May Come, Goodwill Hunting…the list goes on and on.

The problem is – some of the funniest people, that look so happy on the outside and make other people laugh and feel happy — they can be the people hiding and feeling so much pain and sadness themselves.  It is that mask that we wear.  Allowing everyone to see our funny, social, happy side – but never allowing our emotions of hurt, pain, sadness to be exposed.

When a celebrity dies of a suicide or drug overdose, we are all incredibly shocked and taken aback.  They either never seemed like someone who would do something like that — or they might have had a long history of stints in a rehab for their drug addiction.  Mental health has stolen so many brilliant actors/actresses/artists away from us.  —-

—-It has also taken away so many people away from us though.  People that aren’t famous.  The day Robin Williams died, there were others that also took their lives.  Their families were torn up by the news that their loved ones were found dead, dead because they too had taken their own lives.  I guess I began thinking about this aspect because a few days prior to Robin Williams’ death — another friend of mine lost her nephew to a suicide.   You hear about the famous people that take their lives, perhaps hear a bit about how we need to help those with depression reach out for help, and then its over.  What about those that take their lives everyday?  It happens so much more than just a celebrity losing their life every so often – it is happening everyday, multiple times a day.  We need more help for mental illness now!  More education, more programs, more psychiatrist and therapists – we need all of that so that everyone who is affected can get the proper treatment — whether it is the public or celebrities.  My friend’s family is trying to raise money for their nephews funeral, as it was extremely unexpected, if you would like to donate any money or simply leave a kind word the website is on gofundme.

I know I have tried suicide, a lot.  And I have gone back and forth in my mind as to whether I am happy or sad that I lived through it.  I am happy though I didn’t die though.  I am not always happy, by any means.  But, I am glad I was given a second change, and third, and fourth, and …. quite a few.

I really feel for Robin’s family.  I can’t even imagine how hard it is to lose someone that not only they loved but to also have to deal with the publicity of everyone in the world who loved him too.  I have lost someone to a drug overdose when she was basically self medicating for her depression and it hurts.  Losing someone to mental illness hurts.  I hope they are able to heal over time.

If you are thinking about suicide or even just having a hard time call:


A list of International Suicide Hotlines can be Found Here


8 thoughts on “Reflections on Celebrity Suicide and Everyday Suicide”

  1. Great post, unfortunately it seems like it only comes to light when a celebrity goes through something, when like you said this happens every day. Thanks for sharing


  2. My wife and I discussed this briefly this morning. She commented that fame and fortune do not equal happiness. I also wondered how good his support structure was? I would imagine in that line of business, it would be difficult to truly develop close friendships as opposed to having a ton of casual relationships.

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  3. Yeah, I agree. It is hard to develop close relationships outside of family and a few closer friends. Many friends are other celebrities that you work with. I am sure that some are close friends, but others are probably not as close since you do not have much time to really develop them as you are working and moving around a lot from states to states to film things frequently.


  4. Good post, Marie. From the heart and yet informative and thought provoking…All of us have black thoughts at times. But it is sad indeed to have them overwhelm you so much as to take your own life. Keep writing…its a great stress buster. N keep smiling.

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  5. Thanks, negative thoughts are hard when they overwhelm us, and they often do that to so many people. I am going to try to continue writing as much as I can as it has helped me a lot 🙂 Thank you for your kind comment


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